International Brain Update Association

chairman  Shinji Tanaka




Born in 1960, Shinji Tanaka hails from Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
After losing his biological mother at the age of two,
He was raised by his second and third mothers.

The conflicts within these parental relationships sparked
his interest in education and psychology.

Following high school graduation,
Tanaka served in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force for four years,
receiving various training.

Utilizing this experience, he worked for eight years
as an outdoor learning instructor at a corporate training company.

Although the training was exciting and motivating,
He questioned why the motivation often faded over time.

In his quest to discover how to effect true human transformation,
Tanaka encountered Adlerian psychology, which systematically organized solutions to longstanding issues in parental and interpersonal relationships, surprising him.

The encounter with kinesiology expanded his understanding not just of human relationships
but also to the relationships between the brain, heart, body, and the world.

At 31, he enrolled in the Body Psychotherapy Institute,
learning Body Psychotherapy by integrating various therapies based on kinesiology.

Tanaka graduated from the first instructor training course of Three In One Concepts Kinesiology, which had just been introduced to Japan and further obtained the qualification of
Advanced Facilitator from the American headquarters.

He also acquired the Touch for Health Instructor qualification,
recognized by the International Kinesiology College,
becoming one of the pioneers of kinesiology in Japan
and producing the highest number of students in the country.

His contributions to health and consciousness transformation were recognized in 2010
when he received the “Prince Higashikuninomiya Culture Award.”

Based on years of research, he developed unique methods
such as “Brain Update” and “Lift Up Therapy,” which,
through a triune approach of brain, heart, and body,
go beyond mere symptom improvement to transform life itself.

This has attracted professionals from various fields,
including doctors, therapists, psychologists, monks, pilots, coaches, and consultants.

He published the book “Living Your Face,” integrating physiognomy with neuroscience to demonstrate how facial lift-ups can influence thought, behavior,
and emotional patterns, significantly changing one’s life stage.

Accompanied by easy-to-understand videos, the book garnered significant attention.

In 2014, known as the author of “The Unnecessary Medicine,”
Tanaka revealed inconvenient truths about medicine and society through collaborative lectures with active doctor Satoshi Utsumi in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

This led to Dr. Utsumi’s request for Tanaka to conduct a special workshop for medical professionals. This workshop served as a catalyst, making Brain Update known to conscientious doctors, therapists, and healers who felt the limitations of modern medicine.

He represented Japan at the Kinesiology World Congresses
in Kyoto (2011), Spain (2012), Bali (2019), and Hungary (2022),
presenting his research findings and receiving acclaim from participants worldwide.

With over 500 videos published on YouTube, he has fans in more than 24 countries, including France, Belgium, Bali, Taiwan, Hawaii, the USA, and Brazil, with students traveling to Japan for his seminars. He has also conducted seminars in Hawaii.


【Shinji Tanaka’s Life Mission】
My life mission is to create and spread “Brain Update,”
freeing individual, societal, and global mental blocks to solve common human problems
(war, hunger, poverty, environmental destruction, etc.)
and shift the entire planet towards a world of love and harmony.
I aim to produce as many individuals as possible
who can embody the ultimate theme of
“unity with the divine,” collaborating with like-minded people.
I dedicate the rest of my life to achieving this mission.